I'm a student, how can I use CYPE programs?

Students and teaching staff can use CYPE programs in academic (non-professional) projects through the following options:

1. BIMserver.center applications

Registering on the BIMserver.center platform, developed by CYPE, is free of charge for the general public and gives everyone the opportunity to use the more than 170 applications available in the BIMserver.center Store.

Using all these applications is completely free of charge as long as they are linked to a BIMserver.center project classified as "Educational", with the exceptions of CYPECAD, CYPE 3D and Arquimedes.

If you wish to use any of the BIMserver.center applications (with the exception of CYPECAD, CYPE 3D and Archimedes) as part of a training project, please follow these steps:

  1. Register, download and install the desired application from BIMserver.center:
  2. Open the program and create a new "Educational" project or link to an existing one:
  3. Should you have any doubts, problems or queries, please register using the procedure specified in the following link and then use the form or the e-mail addresses to contact CYPE's Technical Support service:

2. Campus version

The Campus version is a type of temporary license that allows you to run CYPE programs and modules that have been approved by a university for a specific period of time, which is normally an academic year: What is the Campus version?

The Campus version offers users the chance to work with the programs in the general CYPE menu, which include CYPECAD, CYPE 3D and Arquimedes, as well as other applications, some of which are also included in the BIMserver.center Store.

If you wish to use the Campus version of the programs from CYPE’s general menu, follow these steps:

  1. Find out whether or not a Campus agreement has been signed with your university by asking the teaching staff, school staff or the IT department for a specific registration form. You can also send an enquiry about whether or not such an agreement exists with your school to support.edu.en@cype.com.
  2. Register for a Campus Version key by filling in the specific form provided. The Campus key should normally be renewed every year in order to be used for the following academic year.
  3. Download and install the programs from CYPE’s general menu. In the installation process, select "Campus version" and enter the key provided:
  4. Should you have any doubts, problems or queries, you can send them to support.edu.en@cype.com using your name and send the message from the institutional email address provided by your university or educational institution.