Reinforced concrete structures. Design of columns and beams with CYPECAD

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In the webinar, we will learn how to introduce, design and calculate reinforced concrete columns, beams, slabs and foundation elements with CYPECAD software.

– Creation of a new job with CYPECAD and

– Available regulations and codes for reinforced concrete structures

– Introduction of columns. External fixity, effective length factors, fixity coefficients, axial stiffness, concrete cover and resistance.

– Library of structural sections in reinforced concrete material, timber, steel, and composite.

– Introduction of foundations, footings and strap and tie beams.

– Introduction of a wide variety of beam elements. Flat beams, dropped beams, lattice beams, steel beams, timber beams, composite beams, non-structural limit beams, dropped T-beams with and without embedded flanges and inverted T-beams.

– Structural analysis of the complete reinforced concrete structure with a different combination of load cases.

– Analysis of the reinforcement area in sections of a beam element and editing of longitudinal and transverse reinforcements.

– U.L.S and S.L.S checks at worst case point and specific location.

– Bending moment diagrams, vertical and horizontal forces. Equilibrium diagram of columns.

– Detailing and plotting 2D and 3D drawings of specific columns and beams with schedule of elements