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Can CYPE programs run on a Macintosh?

CYPE programs are guaranteed to run on the Microsoft® operating systems listed in the “What operating systems are supported by CYPE programs?” question. However, for Apple® Macintosh® computers, there are applications that allow operating systems other than those created explicitly for them to be installed on these devices (e.g. VMware Fusion, Parallels® Desktop, etc.).

Therefore, to run CYPE programs on a Macintosh, the following aspects must be considered:

  • One of the applications allowing a Microsoft operating system compatible with CYPE software to be installed on a Macintosh must be used.
  • The application used to install the Microsoft operating system (those mentioned above or any other on the market) must:
    • Be compatible with the Macintosh computer.
    • Allow the graphics card to be compatible with OpenGL 3.3.
      Although the virtualisation software may specify that it supports OpenGL 3.3, some of its features may not be functional due to different possible configurations between the hardware characteristics of the computer and the virtualisation software.

To install any of these Windows operating system virtualisation applications on a Macintosh and to determine whether they are compatible with a Macintosh, the features of the virtualisation application should be verified with the manufacturer of the virtualisation application.

  • You must have an electronic license. CYPE does not provide support for running physical licenses on Macintosh computers.