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How can I decompress a job that has been compressed with CYPE programs?

To decompress a job, select the “File Management” option. This option is normally located in the “File” drop-down menu of each program and its function is to display the screen where the jobs are selected. In this dialogue box (File Management) select the ” Decompress” option located at the top. Then, another dialogue will appear (Compressed Jobs Selection), where files with a “cyp” extension can be viewed. This extension is given to files that contain a compressed job from any of the CYPE programs. From the “Compressed Jobs Selection” dialogue box, users may scroll through other directories or units in their system to locate the compressed jobs. By default, they will be located in the directory that was selected when clicking on the “Decompress” button. This is the directory where the job will be decompressed, even if the compressed file is located in another directory or drive. The decompression destination directory or drive can be changed by selecting it before clicking on the “Decompress” button.