How to convert jobs from classic programs to Open BIM programs (

This procedure is used for the following:

The step-by-step procedure is detailed below:

1. Make a copy of the job to be converted from the classic program, and change the extension of the copied file using the extension of the Open BIM program:

Embedded retaining walls.mpnStruBIM Embedded Walls.mpnbs
Deep Beams.evgStruBIM Deep Beams.evgbs

For example, to open the “Example.mpn” job from Embedded retaining walls in the new StruBIM Embedded Walls program, change its extension to obtain the file “Example.mpnbs“.

2. Open an MS-DOS window.

This step depends on the operating system. On Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7, press the Windows key (Windows icon) + R key together. Type in CMD and click on “Accept”.

3. In the CMD window type in the environment variable set BIM_LEE_OBRA_NO_BIM=1 and press the Enter key.

4. Type in the path to the executable Open BIM program with which you want to convert the duplicated classical job between inverted commas and press the Enter key. The desired program will open.

The default paths to the executables of the above programs are available here:

  • “C:\CYPE Ingenieros\Version 202X\StruBIM Embedded Walls\StruBIM Embedded Walls.exe”
  • “C:\CYPE Ingenieros\Version 202X\StruBIM Deep Beams\StruBIM Deep Beams.exe”

For example, when converting a job from Embedded retaining walls into a job from version 2023 of StruBIM Embedded Walls, type in “C:\CYPE Ingenieros\Version 2023\StruBIM Embedded Walls\StruBIM Embedded Walls.exe” (if installed in that directory, if not, type in the relevant directory) and press the Enter key. The StruBIM Embedded Walls program will open.

5. Open the copied file with the renamed extension.

6. Save (save the job).

7. Close the application.

8. Close the MS-DOS window.

When entering the SET in an MS-DOS window, the moment this window is closed, the execution of the SET is completed. As this is a one-time operation, this is the safest way to do it. Entering a general SET in the Windows environment variable configuration window is not recommended.