Sprinkler maximum operation area

In CYPEFIRE Hydraulic Systems, to indicate how many sprinklers are operating in an installation, they must be included in an "Area of operation":

The area of operation is the surface area in m² that a sprinkler system can protect at the same time.

The standard may limit the surface of the area of operation or the number of sprinklers open at any one time in the area to prevent the booster set from having to provide excessive flow.

If the design displays an error that the "Maximum operation area" is not complied with, or if you wish to protect a larger area than that permitted, the following actions can be carried out:

  • Entering several independent systems.
  • Editing the "Maximum operation area" associated with the different requirements of the spaces you have imported or created. To do this, click on "General options" and select the "Specific requirements for each space" option.

Please note that the options on the right can be used to import specific settings for each of the standards implemented in the program: