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The columns join an area that is allowed to move horizontally with an area that is prevented from moving horizontally

In CYPECAD, users may encounter the following error during the analysis:

The columns with reference PX are joining an area that has horizontal displacement allowed in group 2 with an area that has it prevented in group Z.
This is usually an error in data entry, such as, to prevent the vertical displacement of an area, a type of fixity that has been entered also prevents horizontal displacement.

The program considers this situation as a data entry error. To solve the error, the second group mentioned above must be checked for elements that are preventing the horizontal displacement, to delete or edit them and remove this obstacle. These elements can be the following:

  • Starts of columns, shear walls and walls defined with external fixity.
    In this case, these elements must be edited and defined as elements without external fixity so that they do not prevent horizontal displacement. See the following link for more information on the definition of supports with or without external fixity.
  • Beams “With external fixity” of subtype “Wall support” or “Fixity”. If a beam with external fixity is to be used in this group, a beam of the subtype “External fixity wall support” can be used, as it does not prevent horizontal displacement.