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What is the difference between CYPETHERM Improvements and CYPETHERM Improvements Plus?

The difference between these two tools lies in the programs to which they are connected.

CYPETHERM Improvements Plus is designed for connecting to CYPETHERM programs with the EnergyPlus™ calculation engine: CYPETHERM EPlus, CYPETHERM HE Plus and CYPETHERM SCE-CS Plus (formerly CYPETHERM RECS Plus).

On the other hand, CYPETHERM Improvements is complementary to CYPETHERM C.E. in Italy, CYPETHERM SCE-HAB in Portugal, and CYPETHERM RT2012 and CYPETHERM RTExistant in France.

Both CYPETHERM Improvements and CYPETHERM Improvements Plus are tools that allow energy audits to be carried out as well as the analysis of improvement measures in buildings.