Complex steel connections design and FEA powered by the OpenSees analysis engine

More information:

CYPE Connect can design steel connections, as well as steel-to-timber and steel to reinforced concrete connections.

The program imports steel structure nodes from BIM project design models. Among other things, users of our structural software suite can generate these design models in a BIM project, which they can then export along with other data (such as the forces in the nodes) so that the information can be used for designing connections by CYPE Connect.

The program also offers users the possibility to create nodes freely. Based on the sections used in the connection, users can model and edit every component defining the connection (plates, bolts, welds, support sections, etc.) and carry out analyses and checks.

Once analysed with the OpenSees® analysis engine, you can check your connections, the maximum demand capacity ratio, Von Mises Stress, Equivalent Von Mises deformation, and the displacements. In addition to generating numerous reports, results and project drawings for the manufacturing workshop.
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