Design and analysis of foundation elements with CYPECAD

More information:

In the webinar, we will learn how to introduce, design and calculate reinforced concrete foundation elements with CYPECAD software.

– Creation of foundation elements with external fixity considering adherence and friction angle with the foundation soil.

– Design of multiple foundation types in three families of reinforced concrete footing, mass concrete footing and pile caps.

– Explanation of single column foundations and multiple column shared foundations, with precise introduction method relative to central axis of columns

– Automatic generation of footings and beams, and analysis with code checks.

– Introduction of straps and tie beams to join foundation elements.

– Editing of geometry, material and reinforcement of each foundation element.

– Iterative calculation, dimensioning, design and code checks for the structural foundation system.

– 3D view of detailed reinforcements and footing elements

– Pile cap foundations systems

– Mat foundations, analysing maximum bearing pressure