Official launch of CYPE 2021

More information:

In this webinar we announce the official launch of CYPE 2021 by presenting the main improvements, tools and applications that have been implemented in the new version. We will briefly explain the new features according to the following programme:

  1. Architectural solutions

    1. CYPE Architecture

    2. Connections with Revit and Archicad

  2. Structural solutions

    1. StruBIM CYPE 3D

    2. StruBIM Steel

    3. New features of CYPECAD

    4. StruBIM Coupling Beams

    5. StruBIM Shear Walls (NTC-2017)

  3. Installation solutions


    2. CYPETHERM HE Plus

    3. Open BIM BOSCH and Open BIM PANASONIC

    4. CYPELEC Suite, CYPELEC PV Systems and Open BIM Schneider