This is the new CYPE Architecture

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In the webinar we will learn how to use a 3D geometrical sketch, developed in CYPE Architecture, as a base for the wireframe structural model in StruBIM CYPE 3D. An example reference building, Santos Dumont Airport Terminal, in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, will be developed using both the CYPE Architecture and StruBIM CYPE 3D programs.

– Creation of a fast 3D Sketch model with CYPE Architecture. Introduction to the general settings of the software and the work environment, views and interface.

– ·Presentation of 2D spatial modelling tools: reference lines, arcs, quadrilaterals, ellipses, and polygons.

– Presentation of 3D modelling tools: extrude, offset, divide, extend and symmetry.

– Creation of the architectural BIM model: walls, roofs, windows, doors, vertical connections and swimming pools.

– Creation of the BIM furniture model: beds, desks, chairs, etc. and bathroom fittings.

– Convert a flexible 3D Sketch into an architectural BIM model.

– Export the CYPE Architecture sketch to StruBIM CYPE 3D software as the structural wireframe.