Applying BIM technology to the design of hydronic heating and cooling systems (morning session)

BIM technology can make the work of professionals dedicated to HVAC projects much easier, whether it is for calculating the thermal loads of a building or for analysing and designing the air conditioning systems themselves.

On 31 August, we’ll be presenting two tools that are part of the CYPE ecosystem related to this subject:

On the one hand, we’ll get to know CYPETHERM LOADS, which allows us to determine the heating and cooling thermal loads of a building, starting from an architectural model previously created in BIM.

On the other hand, once we know the thermal loads, we’ll learn a little more about CYPEHVAC, where we’ll develop the HVAC system design, making the most of all the advantages provided by BIM technology.

If you work with HVAC projects, this webinar is for you. Don’t miss out!

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