From basic sketches to ready-to-build BIM models: digital transformation with CYPE technology

The digital transformation is revolutionizing the architecture and construction industry, and the use of BIM has been crucial in this process. In this presentation, we will explore how the CYPE tools are driving this transformation, empowering professionals to go from basic sketches to ready-to-build BIM models.

Throughout the presentation, we will address four key points that showcase the power of CYPE software:

BIM architectural modelling within everyone's reach:

We will demonstrate how CYPE software makes BIM architectural modeling accessible to all professionals, regardless of their level of experience. With intuitive and user-friendly tools, creating BIM architectural models becomes easier and more efficient.

Flexible and scalable workflows:

We will delve into how CYPE tools allow for customization and adaptation of workflows according to the specific needs of each project. We will showcase examples of how flexible workflows enhance efficiency and productivity during the design process.

Multidisciplinary cooperation by means of federated models using cloud technology:

We will highlight how CYPE tools promote multidisciplinary collaboration, enabling project teams to share and coordinate their models through federated models. We will explore how the methodology proposed by CYPE, coupled with cloud-based technology, facilitates real-time information sharing, fostering more efficient collaboration.

Connection between project and execution through manufacturing models:

We will discuss the importance of bridging the gap between project and execution in construction and how CYPE tools facilitate this connection through manufacturing models. We will demonstrate how the precise and detailed manufacturing models generated by CYPE software contribute to error reduction and streamlining the construction process.

With practical examples and relevant use cases, this presentation will provide valuable insights into how CYPE tools drive digital transformation in the architecture and construction industry, empowering professionals to create ready-to-build BIM models from initial sketches.Join us on this journey of digitization and discover how the methodology proposed by CYPE is shaping the future of the industry.

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