Errors during the installation or running of CYPE programs due to the blocking of DLL files by the antivirus

Users may experience errors when installing or running CYPE programs due to the blocking of one or more .DLL files by the antivirus. Several examples are shown below:

Error 1:

Error OPENING file C:\CYPE Ingenieros\Download version 2024.b\cype_architecture\Dlls\sendemail.dll to rb (module:fichmem.c (CYPEIO.DLL), line:173) Would you like to try again?
Will retry in 10 seconds.

Error 2:

Warning: A security check has failed

Expression: res !=0
Fichero: cypeio.c (CYPEIO.DLL)
Line: 180
Module: Install CYPE Architecture.exe

C:\CYPE Ingenieros\Download version 2024.b\cype_architecture\Installation in English\.. \Dlls\sendemail.dll

These warnings are false positives and CYPE has already informed the companies responsible for the main anti-virus programs. To solve these problems as a user, follow these steps:

1. Momentarily disable the antivirus program during the installation process.

*If the problem is being caused by Windows Defender, please refer to this link to learn how to turn off "Real-time protection":

2. Configure your antivirus to enter the folders associated with the CYPE programs as exceptions or exclusions. These are as follows:

C:\CYPE Ingenieros
C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\CYPE Ingenieros

*If the problem is caused by Windows Defender, see this link to see how to enter "Exclusions":

3. Restore the file blocked by your antivirus, if necessary. If this is not possible, download the program again with the antivirus deactivated and exclusions configured.

*If the problem is caused by Windows Defender, see this link to see how to "Restore" a quarantined file:

4. Install the program.

5. Once the program has been installed and the exclusions have been configured, you can activate the virus protection again.