How to install another CYPE program version but still keep the current version operative

Before installing another version of a CYPE program, please bear in mind that any jobs opened using one version can no longer be used with earlier program versions. We therefore highly recommend you read the following question: Can I edit a job using an earlier CYPE program version than the one with which the job was created or edited?

There are two different ways to proceed, depending on which version is already installed and the one to be installed:

  • Installing versions from different years
    To install another version of a CYPE program and keep the one currently on your hard drive operative (for example, you have to install version 2021 and wish to keep 2020, 2019, etc.), there is no need to do anything special. The new installation is saved in different folders to the previous ones, so they will not be merged. The installation generates a new shortcut, so you can access one or the other via these separate links.
  • Installing versions from the same year
    If you wish to install a new version and keep a previous one from the same year (for example, install 2019.g and keep 2019.d), then you must install the new version on a different physical hard drive, or on a virtual drive on the same hard drive.

Before installing the second version on another (physical or virtual) drive, rename the desktop icon (by adding the version letter) used for running CYPE programs. If you fail to do so, the new installation will overwrite this shortcut icon and you will be unable to access the previous version using this icon.

Next, install the second version either on a different physical hard drive from the one where the first version is installed or on a virtual drive. If you do not know how to create a virtual drive, see the question: How to create a virtual drive.

After installing the second version, you should also rename the new CYPE icon that has been created on the Windows desktop. This way, the two shortcuts for the different versions of the CYPE programs can be clearly identified.