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Is permission in the user license required to work with this program?

The following link provides information on the permissions required in the user license to work with the different CYPE programs.

Free applications

If the application is free, it will not require any permissions during its use.

When using free applications that can be linked to a project, any type of project can be linked to, including professional ones.

Applications with fee-based modules

If the application includes fee-based modules, consider the following situations:

  • When evaluating a program for use in any type of environment, including professional environments, and therefore not for use in a real project, the program can be used free of charge by following this procedure: “How to work with the evaluation version of programs“. Exceptions include the following programs: CYPECAD, CYPE 3D and Arquimedes.
  • When evaluating or using CYPECAD, CYPE 3D and Arquimedes, as well as other non-free applications that are not included in, in an academic environment, the complete software package or the stand-alone program must be installed in the corresponding version depending on the intended use. Information on the different versions of the CYPE programs is available at the following link.

Associated programs: