Unattended remote installation. Can the professional version of the CYPE programs be installed on several client machines from a network server without having to answer the questions asked by the installation from each workstation?

Yes, it can. To do this, simply use the Unattended installation for CYPE programs.

With the unattended installation of CYPE programs, the complete package or any of the individual programs can be installed with the same conditions and responsibilities as the attended installation, whereby users accept they have read, understood and accepted all the terms of the license contract.

The command and parameters that are used to execute the unattended installation of CYPE programs are as follows:


{space} represents a blank space.

The name of the file that executes the installation to be carried out. It must be typed in quotation marks, as the installation executables of CYPE programs include blank spaces. The executable file extension (.exe) must also be included.

Users can install the complete package using the “Install CYPE xxx.exe” file (where xxx is the version and in the language in which it is going to be installed), or install individual programs (“Install individual programs” folder), connections with CAD programs (“Install connections with CAD programs” folder) and other tools from CYPE programs (the database server of Arquimedes, the license key server, etc.).

The location of the files and folders mentioned above is “C:\CYPE Ingenieros\Download version xxxx.x\CYPE\x64” by default (where xxxx.x represents the version and “x64” is “x86” if users have chosen to download the 32-bit version instead of the 64-bit version).

Users can modify this location in a dialogue box that appears during the installation process after executing the “.exe” file that can be downloaded from the CYPE program Download area.

For programs, the default location of the program installation executable file is “C:\CYPE Ingenieros\Download version xxxx.x\program_name\installation_language\Install program_name.exe”.

PLEASE NOTE: Users must deactivate the “Install automatically after downloading” option if they wish to carry out the “unattended installation”. Otherwise, the “attended installation” will be executed, which will oblige them to answer all the questions that are asked during the installation process from each workstation.

In versions prior to the 2021.b version, there were two ways of downloading CYPE software. One was via the download manager (the only option available as of version 2021.b) and the other was the direct download. This second possibility consisted of downloading a compressed file, users would choose where to unzip it, and this would define the location of the abovementioned folders and files.

The letter of the hard drive of the computer (including the : character), where the program is to be installed.

A mandatory parameter that prevents the client’s computer from asking questions during the installation.

An optional parameter that prevents the installation process from being displayed on the computer.

An optional parameter that indicates the type of version that is going to be installed. The admissible values are:




If “/tipo_version” is omitted, the default value that is taken is “/tipo_version:profesional”.

Useful notes:

  • In order to carry out an installation on a client machine on the network, the users concerned may need to be informed (via the system used by the network administrator for remote installation) that a process is to be carried out, during which the computer must not be switched off or disconnected from the network.
  • If the safety devices that are being used for CYPE programs are single-user USB keys, users of the client machines should be instructed to remove them from the USB port where they are connected and only return them to their location once the installation process has been completed.