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How to adjust a building’s position to the plot

In CYPE Architecture, a series of adjustments must be carried out so that the building model position matches that of the site imported from Open BIM Site.

The “Update” button allows the site previously defined in Open BIM Site to be imported.

By double-clicking on the 3D view in the “Views” section on the left-hand side of the interface, the window opens where the visibility of the imported site map is activated.

The point of view according to the projection on the plane formed by the X and Y axes allows work to be carried out in a more comfortable way.

To align the position of the building to the plot, the angles of two equivalent lines in the model and the site must be consulted to analyse the angle difference between them. Activating the “Draw dimensions” option in the “Configuration” menu allows this angle to appear when drawing any “Line” on a plan view.

Once the insertion angle has been analysed, in “Update”, the “Geographic location and reference system” option can be found that allows the angle of the “Local reference system of the model to be modified. This way, the site information from Open BIM Site will rotate and align with the building model from CYPE Architecture.

Finally, the “Move group of elements” option in the top toolbar helps to transfer the building model and place it on the site.