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Design of connections and structural steel detailing drawings


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  • On-site practical workshop


  • Engineers from CYPE’s technical department


  • Learning through practical exercises on a personal computer


  • Certificate of achievement and attendance to the course. A minimum of 75% attendance is required.


This workshop is based on the Open BIM workflow proposed by CYPE, using the BIMserver.center cloud platform. Starting with the results obtained in CYPECAD and CYPE 3D, StruBIM Steel and CYPE Connect are used to solve steel connections and generate detailing drawings. Along with the drawings, the results include generating material reports, integrating BIM models into the federated model in the cloud and exporting the structure in IFC-EM.11, STEP and DSTV format.

Objetivos generales

  • Learning the processes of data entry, analysis of results and processing of information to obtain the graphic and written documents of the project.
  • Acquiring the necessary skills to operate the programs.

Dirigido a

  • Architecture, engineering and construction professionals.
  • Students in their final years of technical studies who want to learn about this tool that is so widespread in studios and technical offices.
  • Companies, organisations and groups wishing to attend these courses from their offices.

Unidades didácticas

  • A brief overview of CYPE technology
  • Multi-collaborative workflows and BIMserver.center technology
  • “CYPECAD – StruBIM Steel” workflow
  • “CYPE 3D – StruBIM Steel” workflow
  • Integrating IFC models into the workflow using IFC Uploader
  • Using CYPE Connect integrated in StruBIM Steel
  • Initial considerations before exporting the structure in CYPECAD
  • Initial considerations before exporting the structure in CYPE 3D
  • Exporting forces for connection analysis
  • Selecting the code used when analysing connections
  • Defining material libraries
  • Defining element libraries
  • Scenes and views
  • Dimensions and tags
  • Tables of assembly elements
  • Numbering parts and assemblies
  • Options for generating sheets
  • Part sheets
  • Connection sheets
  • Sheets based on model views
  • Model sheet compositions
  • Manufacturing models (DSTV, STEP)
  • Drawings in DWG, DXF or PDF formats
  • Exporting the detailing model in IFC EM.11 (Exchange Model 11)
  • Project reports
  • Quantities report
  • GLTF file compatible with BIMserver.center


  • Basic computer skills.
  • Structural engineering skills.
  • Laptop with mouse, wifi connection and USB port.
  • Installing CYPECAD, CYPE 3D, StruBIM Steel.

To optimise your training time, please bring your personal laptop with the programs already installed. In order to do so:

  1. Your computer must meet the minimum requirements for running CYPE programs: Minimum requirements.
  2. Register on the free BIMserver.center platform and download and install the latest available version of the following program:
    • CYPECAD (if you plan to use a ” Temporary license version”, choose this option in the installation process and enter the key provided).
  3. Installation information: How to register, download and install BIMserver.center applications.
  4. Confirm that each program opens correctly and access any example jobs: How to access example jobs.

If you have any problems, please contact Technical Support before the training starts.

Frequent problems:


Good news! This course is completely free of charge and has been specially designed for you to learn more about CYPE technology without making large investments.

Material didáctico

  • Temporary internet license for private use after the course and training
  • Course guide and exercise material


  • Based on the course approach and the methodology used, a maximum of 15 students is recommended.

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