How to register, download and install applications on

This tutorial will explain the steps for registering, downloading and installing applications.

  1. Register on
  2. Logging in to
  3. Downloading applications
  4. Installing applications
  5. Additional information

1. Register on

First of all, users must register on the platform. To do this, they must proceed as described below:

  • Access from the web browser.
  • Click on the “Register here” button in the top right-hand corner.
  • Type in a “Name”, “E-mail” and a “Password”. Then, click on “Register”.
  • Then, accept the email verification that is sent to the email address.

2. Logging in to

Once registered, users must log in to with their account as follows:

  • Return to via the web browser.
  • Click on “Login” in the top right-hand corner.
  • Type in the their account’s “E-mail” and “Password” and click on “Access now”.

3. Downloading applications

The desired application can be searched for and downloaded from

  • The application catalogue can be accessed via the “Store” option.
Accessing “Store”
  • The top section allows applications to be searched by name, category or tags. Users simply select the applications to download and install them.
Searching for and selecting applications
  • Under the application’s profile is “Download” in the top right-hand corner. By clicking on it, an executable file will be downloaded to the configured path.
Downloading the application

4. Installing applications

The previously downloaded file allows the application to be downloaded and installed in its entirety. To do this, users must:

  • Run the downloaded file in their download path.
Selecting the executable file

  • Select the installation language from those available.
Selecting the installation language
  • The path where the entire application will be downloaded will be displayed. Users can check “Install automatically after downloading” if desired and click on “Begin download“.
Download path and automatic installation
  • If “Install automatically after downloading” has been checked, the installation wizard will be launched automatically. If not, the installer will need to be searched for and opened in the specified path in the desired language, e.g. C:\CYPE Ingenieros\Download version 2022.b\cype_architecture\Installation in English
  1. In the installation wizard, the License Contract and the Responsibility Clause must be accepted.
License Contract and Responsibility Clause
  • Select the desired unit for the installation. This will determine the program installation path. For example, the installation path for CYPE Architecture 2022 is as follows: C:\CYPE Ingenieros Version 2022 CYPE Architecture
  • The checkboxes for creating shortcuts in the desktop and the Programs menu can be checked if desired.
  • Install synchroniser” must be activated if this program is not installed on the computer. This program is necessary for the proper functioning of most of the applications.
  • Lastly, click on “Finish”.
Installation unit
  • Once the installation is complete, the application and synchroniser will open automatically. The shortcuts created in the installation process can also be used to open them.

5. Additional information

Before starting work, the following should be confirmed:

  • Log into the syncroniser with an account:
    • As of version 2022.e and 1.10.0 of Sync, when logging into the account within the CYPE application linked to the platform, users are automatically logged in to Sync.
    • For versions prior to 2022.e of the applications and 1.10.0 of Sync, users must log in to both the applications and the synchroniser. To do this, if the program is running, its icon will appear in the notification area on the right-hand side of the Windows taskbar. When selecting it, simply click on “Add account” and enter the user’s email address and password for the account. Sync
  • When opening the program, a button with the user name appears on the right-hand side of the title bar. If the user is logged out, simply click on “Connect” and enter the “E-mail” and “Password” in the pop-up window.
Connecting to in the application
  • For those with a professional CYPE license, there are two possible options:
    • As of version 2022.e, CYPE programs downloaded from the platform will detect the permissions of the connected user’s license (local physical key, network physical key or electronic key) in the same way as any other CYPE program, as well as detecting the permissions acquired through the “Store”, in the same way as any other CYPE program. Therefore, it is not necessary to save the license beforehand as was the case in previous versions.
    • To work with licenses from previous versions, users must save the permissions acquired in the account. To do this, from the CYPE start menu, click on the license number and then on “Store the licence in“. The license permissions will be incorporated into the account currently open in Sync.
  • When using nonfree software that requires permissions not included in the license and that is also a professional project for which users will have to acquire the license allowing them to use all modules in the program, this must be specified in the configuration of the linked project in In the case of an educational project, the complete program can be used for academic purposes, and if it is an evaluation project, the program can be tested.
Editing the configuration of the linked project