How to download and install programs from CYPE’s general menu

This is a tutorial for downloading and installing the software package from CYPE’s general menu. If, on the other hand, you wish to download and install software from, click on the following link.

The procedure for downloading and installing the programs from CYPE’s general menu is as follows.

1. Downloading

  • For licenses updated to the latest available version, in the Download Manager section, click on the Download now! 20**.* version button on the right-hand side, depending on whether the operating system you are using is 64-bit or 32-bit.
  • For licenses only up to date to a certain version, simply search for your version under “Previous versions” and then click on the Download now! 20**.* version button on the right-hand side of the download page for the corresponding version.
  • The previous step will allow you to download an installation file (e.g. install_cype2022f_x64.exe) which will be placed in your configured download folder. This file can be executed by either clicking on it directly or by locating it in the download folder beforehand.
  • When the file is executed, a self-extraction process begins. At the end of this process, the language selection window for downloading and installing the software is automatically displayed. In this window, the installation language must be selected:
  • Once the language has been selected, a window indicating the download path is displayed. By default, for the 64-bit version, the download path is as follows: C:\CYPE Ingenieros\Download version 20**.*\CYPE\x64. There is also the option to “Install automatically after downloading”. Users are advised to activate this option. Then, click on “Begin download“.
  • The program will display the download process in a window like the one below:

2. Installing

  • If “Install automatically after downloading” has been checked, the installation wizard will be launched automatically. If not, the installer will need to be searched for and opened in the specified path in the desired language, e.g. C:\CYPE Ingenieros\Download version 2022.f\CYPE\x64\Installation in English\Install CYPE 2022 (English).exe
  • In the installation wizard, the License Contract and the Responsibility Clause must be accepted.
  • Select the desired unit for the installation. This will determine the program installation path. For example, the installation path for CYPE 2022 is as follows: C:\CYPE Ingenieros\Version 2022\programs
  • The checkboxes for creating shortcuts in the desktop and the Programs menu can be checked if desired.
  • Install synchroniser” must be activated if this program is not installed on the computer. This program is necessary for the proper functioning of some applications in CYPE’s general menu, as well as most of the applications.
  • The version type to be installed must be selected from the following versions: Professional version, Evaluation version, Temporary license version and Campus version. Non-professional use. For the last two versions, users must enter the password provided. Lastly, click on “Finish“.
  • Once the installation is complete, CYPE’s general menu and the synchroniser will open automatically. They can also be opened using the shortcuts created in the installation process.