How to download and install programs from CYPE's general menu

The download manager allows you to download the CYPE programs in a quick and controlled way in 2 steps (download and optional automatic installation), knowing that you can resume an interrupted download. Please follow a few simple instructions to install the latest version of the CYPE programs.


  1. Download the file containing the latest version of the CYPE programs to a folder on your hard disk.

    You can download the 64-bit version (for 64-bit operating systems) or the 32-bit version (which works on both 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems). More information at: Which version should I download?

  2. Run the downloaded ".exe" file. Warning: This is an executable file, so do not unzip it, just run it.

    After running it, your operating system may ask you if "Do you want to allow this program ("install_cype...exe") to make changes to your device". Select yes.

  3. A quick process will start after which you will be prompted for the installation language.

    You will then be asked where you want to download the program (with a default path).


  1. In the same window, decide whether you want to install it automatically after downloading (enabled by default).

    • By keeping the automatic installation checkbox checked, the program will be downloaded and installed after the download process.

    • By unchecking the automatic installation box, the program will be downloaded and will prompt you to run the installation when desired.
  1. In either of the two previous cases, when the installation starts, follow the instructions provided.